Refund Policy

Within 72 hours of placing an order, if you are unhappy with the product, we can provide a full refund.

After the 72 hour grace period, no refund will be offered upon service cancellation.

A 72 hour refund does not apply to clients with a prior hosting account with us. For example, if you signed up for a node and requested refunded within 3 days but decided to sign up again after a few days/weeks, you will not be eligible for the grace period. We consider this abuse of our refund policy.

A partial or full refund/site credit reimbursement may be offered in the event of a substantial failure of service, as determined at the time. Note this does not include downtime that is the result of a "bad" update or the actions of Flux, the Flux development team, Zelcore, any disruption that is the result of an attack on the network, or otherwise any disruption that is not within our control to fix or is a result of our actions or responsibility.

Please note that certain products do not qualify for our refund policy, such as products that specifically state that the refund policy does not apply.

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