• Monday, July 18, 2022

Earn 10% back, while giving 10% off

We love to give back anyway we can here at GoldieTech, which is why we are happy to announce the rollout of the earn program, a way for all users to make money every time a new user signs up and order via their affiliate link.

We are really excited and great full about this news.

How does it work?

The earn program allows users to generate an affiliate link that they can share. For every order made by a new customer via the link, the affiliate will earn a 10% kickback from the order, as well as giving the new customer a 10% discount at checkout. It's a win-win.

Users can activate their affiliate account via the earn button once logged in, and can view the earnings and withdraw their earned balance for site credit that can be put towards future orders or upcoming invoices/renewals.


For more information on how it works, see these articles on the earn program:

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We hope to see plenty of users generating their links and sharing them wide and far to earn both themselves, and others, a pretty awesome deal.


- Simon from GoldieTech